Monday, April 7, 2008

Turning failure into a success!

After seeing Chris Kerr's colored metal, I was ready to give it a try! I went and got gesso and turpentine, cut out my pieces and got started. It was a pendant I saw on Debra Weld's gallery, a double leaf. I was on the 3rd layer when the pencil scratched through the gesso. Okay, scraped it all off, started over, got a little farther, and scratched through AGAIN! One more time. It was going along really well, looking good, and guess what? You got it! Scratched through ! Then I said "Forget this!" and just made the pendant without the colored pencils, and it turned out really well!
I detailed the German silver leaf on top, gave it color with fire, and riveted it to the shiny copper base. I really like it! I hope you do, too.
I think I might try the colored pencils again, maybe. I have another idea for the Spring challenge at J.A.N., and it will need the color. Maybe I can master this. My hat's off to Chris for doing this so well!
You all have a wonderful day! God bless!

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Chris said...

Awwww Tammy! Frustration!!!! I love this pendant, by the way. I'm sorry that the colored pencils didn't behave well. I'm going to be making more colorize pendants in the future, I have a commission from a friend at work, so we'll see if I can do it again. Your stuff rocks. Love ya!