Friday, April 4, 2008

Stormy Friday

Today started out cloudy and warm. Boy, did that change fast. About 10:30 this morning I went to town. It was sprinkling a little then. I got about 5 miles from home and the bottom fell out! The air turned this bruised yellow color and the wind howled. I was only gone about 20 minutes, but when I started back home, I couldn't get here! There was a powerline across the road in town, then when I finally got through there, trees were down everywhere on my road. I had to go around the long way. Luckily, everything was fine at home, except no electricity for several hours. Then I found out it was a small tornado. It didn't actually touch down, but it came close! I am terrified of tornadoes and bad winds. I'm glad I wasn't here!

I didn't get anything done today, because it's hard to work in the dark! This is a pendant I made a while ago. It's the Chinese symbol for PEACE. It's a base of German silver with etched copper riveted on top.

I hope you all had a better day than mine!

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Chris said...

Oh my goodness! I didn't realize the weather was so crazy where you are! I'm glad you're all OK and I love this pendant....WOW!