Friday, April 11, 2008

Men's Hardware Store Bracelet

Well, here it is! The man's bracelet.
It's made of iron rebar wire (hardware store) and braided copper wire. The smaller, shiny copper one is mine. I made it a good while ago, back when I'd never heard of Liver of Sulfer! The bigger one is cold LOS'd to give it a darker bronze color. Which finish do you prefer for a man's style? Shiny or bronzy? I kinda thought a man might like it better dark, but I really can't decide! Help! I would also like to know what sizes to make for men. I searched around, and some sites say a man's wrist size is 7", others say 7&3/4". This one is for a 7&1/2-8" wrist, though I guess a 7" could wear it, too! I guess I can just make a couple different sizes of whatever I come up with. I'm working out the design for another one now.
Ya'll have a great weekend!


Chris said...

These are striking. Simple with detail. I vote for the darker metal for men, but personal preference can change that.

It looks like everything you make is great! And so many different styles. I LOVE that. I never get bored looking at your work. I bet you never get bored either!

Have a great Saturday.

diane said...

Tammy....these are wonderful. What gave you the idea to use rebar? I would like to try some. Is it difficult to work with?
I really think these are great. And, I believe you are right about the darker color. That is my vote. But, saying that, I have come to find out thu experience, that you never, never know what another person will like.
God bless~

Anonymous said...

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