Monday, April 14, 2008

No jewelry today

I was lazy today, and didn't make any jewelry! I don't have many days when I'm not working on something. A lot of the time I'll say I'm not going to do anything, and I almost always do it anyway. Not today. Well, mostly! I did get a new disc cutter, so I played with it some. I'm not going to tell you that it's a cheap one (even though it is!) because most everybody at J.A.N. doesn't like cheap tools! Especially disc cutters! But mine works fine. I punched out a few discs and it's great! So much better than using the saw or the snips. I just can't justify the price of a Pepe brand right now. Besides, those are really hard to find!

So today I'll show you the other love of my life. My TRUCK! It's a 1989 GMC. I've had it for 5 years now, and I recently got it painted. It is the original colors though, because I like it that way. Nobody else around here has one like it. I can't stand to meet a vehicle just like mine! I put rims on it shortly after I got it. The new grill, lights and rollpan (custom bumper) were put on when it was painted. I put the tonneau cover on the bed myself, about month ago. It was really easy, except for stretching the vinyl by myself. But I got it! I do love my truck!
Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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Chris said...

Yo Tammy! I'm happy that you like your new disc cutter and I don't care if it's Harbor Freight! If it works, it works. So don't worry, be happy~~LOL!