Sunday, April 11, 2010


WOW! I have got to do better with my blog! Sorry! Things have been busy around here with just life stuff.
My youngest was diagnosed as bipolar and put on meds, which seem to help.

I finally bought a car! After 8 years of driving my beloved truck, I found a Chrysler 300 and I bought it. It's not new, because I don't believe in buying new cars. Too much loss with depreciation. It's an '05, but it drives like new. I love it! I've wanted one of these cars sice they first came out. I love that it's a full size car, and it has a gorgeous, low stance. Perfect! Anyway, I guess you can tell I'm proud of it :)

In other news, my Etsy shop has died! I have no idea why, but business is pitiful, and that's not good. I think I'll make a new website of my own and see if that will help.