Monday, May 25, 2009

It's Memorial Day

Please take a moment out of your day to remember all the men and women who have helped this country be what it is today.

It's a depressing day to me, but I was already down, so it's just one more thing to be sad about.

I let Cane go yesterday. I have such mixed feelings about it. I know it was the right thing to do, but I can't help but worry. I have to just leave it in God's hands.

I also put my Etsy shop on vacation for a while. I'm feeling really burned out. I'm still going to be working on jewelry, but it will be new stuff. I guess I just need to renew myself, so when I finish my orders today, I'll have time for being creative, and time to relax!

Having your own business is stressful sometimes, especially when you have to make each piece you sell! Normally I love it, but right now I'm tired. My 5 year old grandaughter told me I look bad! :) Kids are brutally honest, and tell it like it is. She's right, I do look bad.

Not checking my Etsy store is really weird, though! I've been doing it for 14 months, and it's become a habit. Now I walk over here to the computer and then think "Hmm, what are you doing?" Etsy has become such a big part of my life, what would I do without it? I think I would be lost! But everybody needs a vacation every once in a while!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Yummy Turquoise

Look what I got in the mail!

GORGEOUS Turquoise!

I got it from AZMZGOLD on Etsy.

The first set is 25 stones. The size varies from 28mm by 16mm for the largest down to 4mm. There's some from Sleeping Beauty mine, Morenci mine, and Bisbee mine in Arizona, and Royston mine in Nevada.

They are stunning in person! I can't wait to make some new stuff!

The second set is Morenci turqouise. The small one measures 7mm by 9mm and the larger one measures 31mm by 12mm. I think these will be a pendant.

I have a few orders to finish up in the next couple of days, then maybe I can get to work on these beauties!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Finally...Something New!

YAY! I finally got around to finishing a new ring!

It's Oregon Petrified Wood Limb Cast Agate. It's a gorgeous stone, with blue-grey and black.

I kept the setting kinda simple, but did a bit of embellishing.

I'm just happy to have time to make something different!

I have to get back to work on orders tomorrow, so I don't know when I'll get something else made.

Cane is doing great and growing like crazy. i think he'll be big enough to release by this weekend.

He won't let me hold him anymore, and that's a good thing. I want him to be scared of people and dogs. He lives in my bedroom right now, so I'm sleeping on the couch with the dogs! Crazy huh? I'll give up my bed to keep a rabbit wild. I have some serious issues! LOL

My youngest son says that someday I'll be the crazy lady that tries to feed caterpillars with an eyedropper! :) He's probably right!

I had to break up a pitbull fight a few days ago. Scary!

My neighbors dog is in heat and my dog got in a fight with another pit. If I hadn't been home, mine probably would have been killed. He's to old for that crap! The other dog had him by the throat, but I got to them in time, so he just had mostly scratches on his face and neck, but he has a hole through his foot and the pad is torn open. It's better now, but still looks awful. The vet said to leave it alone and let him take care of it.

Being a pet owner is hard sometimes!

Well, I've rambled on long enough, so I'm off to check out everybody's blogs. Later!

Friday, May 15, 2009


My baby graduated from high school tonight!

I have mixed feelings about it. I'm happy for him, but sad at the same time.

They had a ceremony on the last day of school,where they had a kind of funeral
to signify burying their childhood.

My son was depressed about graduation for a couple of days. It's a big step on the road of life!

Now the really hard stuff starts, like college, then work, and the everyday drudgery that goes along with it.

I guess I'm just not ready to give up my baby just yet!

Say a little prayer for him and all of the other graduates everywhere tonight, that they all get home safely from their festivities.

Oh, BTW, he thinks he was switched at birth because he doesn't look like me or his Dad! LOL He does have my hands and my build, and my hair. He looks more like my brother than like me.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Raising Cane

I took a few more photos of the bunny! He seems to grow bigger every day!

The first 2 are of me feeding him, and the others are of my son holding him.

When we got him, he would fit in the palm of one hand, with lots of room to spare.

Well, I took hubby to the airport this morning, so he's on his way to Sinapore now. I needed to work today, but I didn't get any sleep last night and I've just kind of vegetated all day. So tomorrow I'll have to get busy!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

I've been a new Mom for a little over a week now!

This is Cane (as in cane-cutter rabbit:)

Hubby found him after mowing at his camp on the river. He took him away from a Rat Terrier that luckily was just playing with him at the time.

In these pics he is twice the size that he was a week ago! He was so tiny! It took a little coaxing, but he eats from a medicine dropper about every four hours, and has now started eating a little Alfalfa hay too.

I could have cried when he brought him home, because wild baby rabbits don't usually live in captivity. I did some reading and found out that it's because when you wean them, it gives them diarrhea and they die in one day! BUT, if you feed them acidophilus, they can make it!

It's a live bacteria in a capsule that helps with digestion. It's really for people, and is found in yogurt. But it works for rabbits, too! Without it, the baby rabbit can't digest grasses and things. They usually get the bacteria they need from their mother, but I didn't have that, sooo I improvised! :)

He's doing great, and we plan on releasing him as soon as he's old enough to make it on his own. I can't stand to keep an animal in a cage. Especially a wild animal. I wouldn't want to be caged!

I haven't been blogging much, because hubby has been home for a month, but he leaves tomorrow, so maybe I'll have more time for all of my wonderful blogging friends!

Until then, I hope everyone has a wonderful and happy Mother's Day!