Saturday, April 5, 2008

Copper Cuff Ring

Look! The bracelet had babies! Aren't they cute? I really like making these. They are so fun and easy. Much easier than the bracelet. I never would have guessed. I had to thank the girl at Etsy for suggesting a ring. I never would have thought to do it. I made a size 8 first, then today I made a 6. My size!! But they can be sized up a little, which works out great. That way I don't have to make as many.

I think now I will finally get around to trying the colored pencils on metal. I got the gesso and turp a week ago, but I've been to busy to do it. Maybe tonight, cause tomorrow is cleaning and laundry. No fun!

I hope you had a great day and a better tomorrow!


Chris said...

Ooooo! I do love this ring! And I'm a size 6 finger too! So we have one other thing in common, my friend.

Yay! You're going to try the colorized metal!!! wooo hooo! I want to play with that some more. I'm really looking forward to your results. It's so fun to "drop in" here and read and see what you've been up to.

Hope cleaning and laundry go smoothly. :-)

diane said...

Those rings are great! And I love how you said they had babies~LOL! And, I am a size 6 do you like that?