Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Big Ole Bug

I like bugs. Bugs are cool! I found this giant beetle on my porch tonight. The pictures aren't very good because I didn't have time to light him right and I just grabbed the camcorder and shot a few. Isn't he cute! He was so awesome! He was ready to fly away, so I took him back outside and let him go. He flew right back in the house! I caught him again, and this time I closed the door, and let him go. He has gone on his buggy way, but I enjoyed the visit!
I got my new tumbler today. Finally! Harbor Freight is slow with shipping, but usually cheap enough that it's worth the wait. I had fun with it today, just polishing stuff! I thought you were supposed to leave stuff in there for 6-8 hours, but no, 1-2 hours is apparently enough. That's good, because it's really hard to wait!
Now I'm waiting for my new bracelet mandrel. I found a stepped oval mandrel at Progresstools.com for $34.50. That's way cheaper than any others I've found. It's going to take a while getting here, too, because they have to make them. I'm slowly getting some jewelry tools. I've been working with whatever I could find that would work. I formed my cuffs on the back of a wooden kitchen chair! Use what ya got!
Ya'll have a great Wednesday!


Chris said...

Hey Tammy! I loved your bug pictures!
I'm OK with bugs. I'm the one that takes the spiders out of the bathroom. Two night ago I picked two ticks off of Dakota the Lab and rinsed them down the sink. This bug was handsome!

Glad you're getting more tools. You do so much, and having tools helps you make more!

diane said...

I totally understand about the tools. Guess I am one to use what you have, mainly because I am just too impatient to wait. But, slowly I am getting more working tools, thanks to books, blog friends and new jewelry magazines!
God Bless Tammy~