Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Things We Do For Love!

I'm not talking about paying bills for ungrateful children this time :) But thanks to all of you for your sympathy and for putting up with my craziness on that one!

This time it's about pickling Quail eggs. Yep, that's what I'm doing tonight. I don't eat them, but my hubby does.

In case you missed the Quail post, my hubby got 20 quails for his step-father, and they lay a LOT of eggs. We usually get an average of 10 a day. A quart jar holds about 30-33 eggs. Usually he does the pickling, but he's offshore now so it's my turn!

They are the hardest eggs to peel! First off, they're tiny. Second, the membrane inside the egg is incredibly tough. And man, does the vinegar and seasonings stink!

I worked on my jewelry for most of the day. I had a few orders to do and I had to make more of the free earrings that I send with every order.

I have to remake several dragonfly pieces and send them to Canada again. Apparently, they got lost in the mail, or in customs or something. It was an order that I really wanted to get there! It's for Barry's friend. She found me on Barry's blog and ordered from me. The mail is so aggravating! That's the second international order that's gone missing. There's no way to track them, either. I can't see charging $15 for registered mail or even more for priority. I hope the new jewelry makes it to her!

I have several new designs in mind, but not a lot of time right now to make them! When I do get around to them I'll be sure to show you all!

Well, I guess I better go peel some tiny eggs. Later~

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