Friday, October 24, 2008

My Interview with Soap Deli News!

Today's the day!

You can read about me at Soap Deli News. I can't believe I actually did an interview. I'm not the most interesting person around, and being alone for half of the year, I talk mostly to myself! (and the dogs and quails!)

After I finished the interview, I thought of all kinds of things to say. Especially the things people wouldn't know about me.

I'm a Playstation 2 addict! I LOVE war games (and war movies). I've killed a lot of people in those games, but it helps me NOT kill people in real life! LOL

I'm a clutz! I drop things constantly, trip over my own feet, and knock things off of shelves in stores (which embarrasses the crap out of my husband, but makes me laugh!)

I can't pass a toy that makes noise without pressing the buttons.( also embarrassing for hubby)

I love to dance and sing (even though I suck at both). When I'm alone in my truck, the radio is super loud, and so am I! LOL Looks like I'm talking to myself to other drivers, but who cares?!

I'm a homebody, and would be happy if I didn't have to go anywhere, ever. (This also annoys my hubby, cause he wants to GO all the time) I love pajamas (t-shirt and pajama pants) and would wear them all the time if I could. I DO NOT wear them to town!

Well, now you know a bit about me, boring as it is!


Janice said...

haha - I am a totally tactile person, so I can relate to touching the toys and all. I touch everything and everyone - lol even though I have a large personal space boundary myself....weird huh?

Chris said...

What a cool interview! I'm excited that I know a celebrity~~~And I'm glad you filled us in with more info~

BINA said...

he he -- we have a lot in common -- clutz, singing and dancing, homebody, and pj pants (although my r the soft veloury sweat pants... ha ha on and the toy thing in the store -- it drives my kids nuts because i push all the buttons and then if they play music i stand there and sing and dance to the music -they just walk away shaking their heads... lol