Friday, October 10, 2008

Etsy Frontpage!

I was reading the forums at Etsy yesterday, and saw the link for the frontpagers at Flickr. I went there and searched for my user name, and to my astonishment, there I was! My stacking rings had been on the frontpage on Tuesday, and I didn't even know! It didn't help my sales but it sure does make you feel good! LOL I didn't even know I was in that treasury.

Sales have died! Maybe the frontpage isn't a good thing, because I haven't sold one thing since I was on there! I was selling at least one item a day, but for 3 days now, nothing! I guess the stockmarket has affected everything. Even me!

I think it was the stupidest thing our government could have done, buying those banks. Why not just give everybody in the US a million dollars, then they could pay off all those bad loans and the banks wouldn't be in trouble! Where does it stop? Are they now going to bail out every business that is going under?

AIG is under investigation since their bail out, and lo and behold, a week after the government gave them all that money, they sent their employees on a $440,000 retreat!!! WHAT!

That is our money they're giving way, and they didn't bother to ask what ANY of us thought about it. We all worked hard for it, so they could give it away.

Well, I don't usually rant on about politics, but enough is enough! I just had to get that out this morning. I guess that's what happens when you only have dogs and quails to talk to. The dogs never answer and the quails just say the same stupid things over and over! LOL

Have a super weekend!



Sabina said...

congrats on being on the front page of etsy -- and idk that it adversely affected ur sales. i think its just slow -- at least u had sales -- lol i can't say as much for me -- lol

and i agree -- i wish the gov. had just give me a million dollars -- i could have done a lot of good with that kind of money ....

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I don't think I've been in a treasury in a while but who can keep up with them all? :)