Sunday, October 12, 2008

All Is NOT Lost!!!

I was beginning to think that people just didn't care anymore, but I was wrong! Thank God!

There is a bar on our road, and it is on my way to town. For some reason, people have started dropping off puppies there. In the past month there have been 3 different sets of them.

In the past, I have tried to be the one-woman humane society, and picked up every stray. But having your heart broken when something happens to them or you have to give them away, is too much. I've stopped picking up ALL of them!

One puppy was there for several days, and one day, on my way to town, I decided that if he was there when I came home, I would get him. Well, thank the Lord, he wasn't! Some other sweet soul had picked him up!

There have been several more since then, but they have been disappering. Today, there was one little black puppy left, just sitting by the road. You could see his little bones, and I cried all the way home.

I decided that, if I couldn't bring him home with me, at least I could feed him. So I got a bag of dog food and went to feed him. When I got there, the woman with the sweet soul was there, with a bag of food! She said she picked up the first puppy, but she couldn't catch this one. So we gave him some food in a bowl she had left earlier. While we were talking about how horrible it is to drop off puppies, another girl stopped. She had picked up the other puppies before this one. She was still trying to catch him.

I was touched and so very happy that there are other people who feel the same way I do! It was a very uplifting thing and I was much happier after meeting them.

So all is NOT lost! There are still some wonderful, kind, caring people left.


Deer Mountain Wood Art said...

Good morning Tammy :)
I read your post with great interest to see who would be the good Samaritan! And, then to find there were more than one!! Living up here in the mountains we see this so much and I've raised many such 'orphaned' babies. I just wanted to reach into the screen and pick this little fellow up! It was such a short story but I felt so many emotions during the course of reading it - thank you Tammy,for posting this! It really made my Monday! :)

JoJoBell said...

Tammy what a wonderful post!

diane cook said...

Oh, I would have cried too.