Thursday, October 16, 2008

Another update

Sorry to keep everybody hanging! I've been a little busy, and really haven't felt much like blogging.

I think one of the other ladies got the puppy. I haven't seen him since Monday. I've stopped and checked his food and water everyday, and called him, but his food is still there.

I'm so glad they got him! It has been weighing so heavy on my heart. He was such a cute little baby!

I cannot understand how some people can put a baby out on the side of the road and just drive away. The puppies don't understand, and they don't go find a new home. They stay right where they were left until they get run over, starve to death, or somebody else picks them up. It breaks my heart that it happens everyday, all over the world.

I try to help, but I can't save them all.

Just wanted to let you all know what's happening.

I hope everybody has a wonderful weekend~


BINA said...

u sound a lot like me -- i used to (and still do to some extent) bring home every stray i could find (human or animal). i have to say my mom was good natured about it all.
hopefully someone picked up the puppy and intends to give it a good home. let's think on the positive side!

Deer Mountain Wood Art said...

You're a wonderful person Tammy:)and I certainly appreciate the updates!
We had a chipmunk baby last year who's momma had drown in my dog's water - so sweet and playful, but he didn't make it - broke my heart!
There's a lot of strays up here on the mountain as people think they will do well in the wild - they don't. It's very, very sad :( Folks like you though help so much in mitigating the pain these poor babies suffer! I hope you feel better soon!

Chris said...

thanks for the frustrating and heart wrenching this whole business is. I don't understand the whole dropping puppies off thing....I don't get it! Our dogs and cats are rescue animals...but there are so many others...