Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Few New Things

Since nothing is selling I had time to make a few new pieces for my Etsy store this weekend!

There's not much going on, so I got in the shop and worked.

The first ones are 18g wire that I balled on the ends, then curved so they'd hang right.

The second ones are some simple squiggles that are hammered flat.

Lastly, I made a new stacking ring with 12g wire that I hammered flat, then stamped with my name.

Maybe these simple designs will do well. I like them, especially the comet tail earrings.

Now I'm off to visit everybody's blogs! I love to see what's going on.


MoonRae said...

These new pieces are lovely!! Hang in there sweetie, things are bound to get better.......smiles

Sabina said...

i really love all these pieces -- the comet earrings r just amazing -- ur amazing -- see we just need to keep creating someone is bound to want r things sooner or later (please papa god let it be sooner!!) blessings big to u!!

David Scott said...

they are great you are making some very lovely things

Deer Mountain Wood Art said...

inspiring!! simple, yet not. Definitely beautiful!
kutgw =D

Melissa said...

I'm loving all of them Tammy...especially the 1st pair with the balled ends!

diane cook said...

Stunning work Tammy~