Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Do You Twitter?

Sounds like a stupid question, huh? It's a website, and I've been tweeting (that's what it's called, I swear!) for a couple of days and my sales have really picked up.

This is my username you can follow me or anybody. It's like a mini blog. You can post little updates about your website or Etsy store, with links, and just post about what's going on. Others see your posts and can find your shop.

There are some great tutorials in the forums at Etsy that explain how to use it. Give it a try. It seems to work!

I was on the frontpage again on Tuesday. This time it didn't kill my sales! I had over 600 views in a couple of hours and I thought it was a glitch! I don't know if I got any sales from it, but at least it didn't hurt. Last time I was on it I didn't have a sale for 3 days! LOL

Well, I gotta go. Lots of people to kill! I'm fighting WWII right now. (PS2) ;)


Candace said...

I just read about Twitter yesterday and was thinking about doing it. Not sure yet...I want to read a little more before signing up.

Pegasus Handmade Soaps said...

Yup I found it last week and It is pretty neat. I like how it only gives your a couple of sentences but it keeps you coming back.

here is mine

Chris said...

You are SO SMART Tammy! I don't understand this whole Twitter thing, but it sounds like fun. You so rock!!!!