Monday, October 27, 2008

The Itsy Bitsy Spider...

I got these tiny spiders from Loveland Beads on Etsy! There were 50 of them!

Isn't it cute?!

I got the brass leaf a while back (also at Etsy) and it was just waiting for a cute little spider to come along and have a seat!

The spiders are fine silver and they are teeny! I am afraid of real spiders, but these are to adorable to fear!

I did a lot of supply shopping on Etsy last week. I got a lot of new brass charms to use, and I can't wait to get started. I also got 3 new metal stamps, but they're a secret! You'll just have to wait to see them.

I bought some handmade soaps and solid perfumes from Dennis Anderson. You should check out his shop. The soaps smell wonderful and the solid perfumes are awesome. They last all day! He even included an extra free perfume and it's great, too!

I plan to do a lot of my Christmas shopping at Etsy this year. I think handmade is the best made!


Chris said...

Soooo cute! And I want to see the new stamps! Now now now! I have a stamp addiction problem and must see them!!! Hurry! lOL!

Stephanie said...

theyre super cute! perfect addition to the leaf!

JoJoBell said...

Hi Tammy! I have bought from Dennis and I love his shop! Those spiders are to adorable! I tagged you on my blog today. If you want to play and have not already go check out my post today.

Cheryl Van Dyck said...

Love the leaf and the spider - perfect, I might have to buy one from you!

BINA said...

how cute is that!!! u do such fun things!!