Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy Hump Day!

I couldn't think of a good title and it is Wednesday, so Happy Hump Day!

I managed to make a couple of new pieces for my Etsy today. YAY!

The first is a delicate little necklace with tiny initial charms. I really like it! I was asked to make some of these for a customer a little while back, and decided I wanted them in my shop. Then, I searched for them on Etsy, and there are TONS of them! Oh well, now I have some, too.

The second is a soft square ring that started out as another ring, but I made a boo-boo, and it turned into a simple black band! I still like it though, so all is not lost! Got to salvage the silver!

In other news: My hubby decided he had to have some quails so he could pickle the eggs. Well, guess who takes care of them while he's gone! Yep, me. They're okay, but annoying. They're Pharoah White quails, which means that's what it sounds like they are saying. You know, like a Bob White. But Bob Whites whistle, these sound like something from Jurasic Park!

I've heard them until it now sounds like they're saying Trick or Treat, and Oh My God! All day and all night! The cage is right outside my shop!

They do lay a lot of eggs, but I hate pickled eggs!

Oh well, you have to put up with a few things sometimes!

I better shut up now. I hope everybody is having a great week.


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Barrie said...

ROFL Quails? And I thought I was crazy! I'm trying to picture Jurassic Park quails, and not quite getting the picture! LOL Cute little necklace, great ring btw. Nice to see you've been at the bench!!