Monday, May 5, 2008

Soldering Fiasco

Well, this would have been a great ring. Now it is MY not so great ring. It was going to be just the silver band with the scrolls, but I contaminated my workspace with the steel nut this weekend, and I didn't know it would cause problems. Boy, did it cause a problem! If you look closely at the second pic, you can see the divots. One just on the top scroll line and one just inside the top swirl. That is where the solder was! It burned the silver before it melted! I had no idea this could even happen, so imagine my surprise. I added the bead wire on the edges to cover up most of the damage, and it turned out okay, but not for sale. I have worked on it with a burnisher and that has helped. Right now it's back in the tumbler.
Oh well, live and learn. It's still pretty enough to wear. No one will know about the divots unless they are VERY close. People don't usually get that close to my fingers, so i should be okay! LOL
I hope everybody else's day was better than mine! Have a great Wednesday!~


Chris said...

Ahhhh Tammy,
How frustrating! But I'm glad you shared this tip!

Anonymous said...

Still looks beautiful...I actually really like the beaded border!

Dancing Monkey Jewelry said...

I love the ring. Soldering is not one of the easiest things for me to do and I can appreciate all the hard work you put into this ring. It's still very pretty.