Thursday, May 29, 2008

Harley Davidson and the Hardware Man

Here's the charm bracelet I made for my cousin. She and her husband ride a Harley and she loves Harley stuff. Her birthday was on the 24th so I made this. It's just guitar picks that I got on Ebay, but I made the chain. Every link! I made the square jumprings, then soldered each one closed. I think I'll just buy chain from now on! LOL At least I know I can do it, though!

The other 2 bracelets are old standards. They are the rebar wire and braided copper for men. They sell well, and I had to restock them. One is for a 7-7&1/2" wrist, and the other is 8-8&1/2". I'm making a smaller one for the ladies today. I have one, and I wear it alot! I love these.

I need to work with my copper more. I had noticed that the arthritis in my thumbs was better when I worked with copper alot. Now it's back and hurting again.

You know I went on a tirade about dogs, and right now my weenie dog is laying across my lap. He thinks he a person! He is TERRIFIED of the new puppy! He acts like he doesn't know what it is. It got in the house this morning when I opened the door, and Oscar couldn't even breathe right! It's a darling little puppy, but I have to find him a home! Somewhere else!

My Dad called this morning, and said he has to go for another PET scan. He had colon cancer late last year, but the surgery and chemo got rid of it. He's been going every 3 months for tests, and now his numbers are up on the tumor markers. Last time that happened everything was okay. I'll just pray that it's okay this time, too. That's all we can do. Just give it to God and hope for the best.

May you all have a great day and a fun weekend!

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