Friday, May 9, 2008

"Charm"ing Necklace

Well, I finally have something to blog about! I've been kinda lazy with the blogging this week. I did make another scrolled ring, and it turned out better, but it looks just like the last one, only smaller, so no need to post it!

Yesterday I made this necklace. I had a small square of silver left over from making rings, so I made the little heart for this charm necklace. I added a silver tube rivet and soldered the big jumprings closed. It looks like a lariat, but it doesn't slide. It's a faux lariat! The smaller heart charm and the big metal bead were some I had just hanging around. I think it turned out okay. If it doesn't sell, I'll turn it into a charm bracelet!

My hubby thinks I should have 14 pieces of new jewelry when he comes home, because he's gone for 14 days! When I tell him I worked on jewelry, he expects it to be finished that day. It's not always the case. Oh well! I'm not even working today! I hope you are all having a more productive day than I am. Later~

1 comment:

Chris said...

This is a really cute necklace! I love the "faux lariat" style and I love the charms. Very nice. And I loved the note about your hubby. He just doesn't know!