Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much

I have been very uninspired lately. I don't really want to work. I don't have a clue why this is, but I did force myself to work a little last night and this morning.

I made the copper bangle first, just to work out the kinks of the design. I actually like it best, but it's crooked. So it's mine! It's made it in separate pieces, then riveted them together. What a pain trying to line up the rivet holes! That's why it's crooked!

The second one is a solid band of copper with the sterling silver riveted on top of that. It was sooo much easier that way! I used E6000 glue and placed them like I wanted. I let that dry over night, then drilled the holes this morning. It worked out great! The copper band is 8&1/8" long on the second one, because the first one was a little small. I can get it on, but it's harder to get off. The silver tags are 1&3/4" each, and it's 3/8" wide.

Maybe I'll be inspired again, and get out of this slump. I hope so! I hope all of you are inspired each and every day! See y'all later~


Chris said...

These are darling! I can relate to not feeling inspired. I think we all go through that...
Just relax. And it was cool that you tinkered with these.
Big hug,

diane said...

These turned out really nice Tammy. I totally understand lining the holes up~it is tuff!

stacie said...

I love the new work...I too, have been feeling uninspired...wonder if it is the season or something?
Laughing and loving are sure fire ways to feel better though!!!