Friday, May 2, 2008

New Tools

I don't know how I ever got along without a divider! It's awesome! You just open it to the width you want (that's what the little steel ruler is for) then just follow the straight edge of your metal with one leg and the other leg scribers a line. It makes measuring and cutting so much easier. It also does circles like a compass. I got both of these at the hardware store. They had a pin vise, too, but I don't really need that. The coffee cup is mine, and it's the only one I use!! LOL Home IS where my tools are!

Today I have been working on the bracelet. The second pic is the nut I cut in two. That took about 2 hours of sawing. I thought my arm would fall off! It has turned out to be more complicated than I thought! You can't solder a steel nut! I had to rethink and use wire rivets on that part. It's looking good though. Just a challenge.

Tyler took the ACT last month, and he made a 30! I'm very proud of him, but not surprised at all. He is super smart and has always made As and Bs. He wants to take it again because he says he can do better!

Have a great Saturday! See ya~


Barrie said...

I can't wait to see the bracelet finished! You're off to a great start. Hey, where did you get that mug from! As a fellow tool junkie, it's perfect! LOL!

Stacie said...

I can't wait either...looks very intriguing! Sorry about your arm though...
I feel the same way about my tools...I can spend an unlimited amount of time in the hardware store!!!!
Love the off center ring too...very cool!

Chris said...

Oooooo I love your idea for the bracelet! I love seeing the sketch too..Thank you Tammy for letting us in on your design process. This is very cool.