Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Still Can't Comment! :(

And it's starting to tick me off! Half of the blogs I follow, I can't comment on. If it has that little drop down bar, there's nothing in it, and I can't post. So Gail, thank you for your comments, and I love your fold-formed leaf. I've been thinking about getting CLB's book, too! I bought new Fretz hammers from Otto Frei in the closeout section. Sometimes they have seconds, and they are deeply discounted and wonderful!

I had my second sale at 1000 Markets, so maybe the word's getting out now, and things will pick up.

Nothing much going on today, so I guess I'll go for now.


gail said...

Doesn't it drive you nuts when tech stuff happens?! We're so dependent on our communication ways, it seems like we're thrown back in the stone age when we lose internet service or something doesn't work right.
I'm definitely going to be checking Otto Frei! I know Fretz is top of the line and would love to get some sort of discount -
Tammy, thanks so much for answering me! :-)

Stacie said...

Yeah Tammy! So happy to hear that the payment issues got sorted out. I really so think that 1000 Markets is going to be a great venue- glad you stuck around!

Anonymous said...

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