Thursday, April 9, 2009

Giant coffee cup!

LOL! I love things that are WAY bigger than normal, or WAY smaller! I found this giant coffee cup plant pot and I could not resist! Now I have to find a plan for it.

I could probably drink that much coffee, if it wouldn't get cold before I could finish it!

Not much going on around here, except work. I still have a few more things that have to be finished, but I think they'll have to wait until tomorrow. I'm POOPED!

My glasses are still driving me nuts, and they're making my right eye hurt. That's the good eye!

I got my stones in for new rings, but I don't have time to play with them right now. :( I have 2 custom order rings that are giving mr fits. They're fairly large rocks that a customer wants made into rings. One is pretty thick, and it's going to be heavy, but hey, it's not my ring! It is a pain to set though!

Well, gotta go watch House!


Ginga Squid said...

Thats a very funky super-size-me coffee cup. Maybe you could grow a coffee plant in it - or a spiky cactus?

Are your eyes suitable for lasering? I used to find taking glasses on and off would give me a headache, plus I did scuba - so got my eyes lasered and it was fantasic. Think its much cheaper to have done now too (I got mine done cheap in South Africa)?

Swati Nigam said...

Me too! Things bigger than normal, or much smaller than normal are always so fascinating!

Thanks for your comment on my blog about the stamped rings. Yes, I LOVE this font! I had to wait in a waiting list to get mine. But the wait was worth it. I had got kinda bored of my old regular stamps, so I had stopped making stamped rings. Today I made some stamped earrings. Inpired by HappyCalm Chris :-). I love how she uses beautiful words all over her jewelry. So I did something like that...I was itching to use the dapping tools and my new font! I am now on the wait list for the Kismet uppercase fonts.

Swati Nigam said...

Tammy...I made a spinner ring today. Its still in the tumbler. But I just can't seem to flute it evenly! The ring is always more dapped on one side than the other. LOL! Any tips on how to make it even? And of course...I used my new fonts generously all over it! LOL!!I want to stamp anything I see now.

Barrie said...

I LOVE your cup! That's perfect! LOL Though I'd drink water out of it (I don't drink coffee or tea, and certainly not that much1 LOL). Hope you figure out the glasses thing. I HATE my glasses, and am seriously thinking Ginga Squid is onto something with the lasering!!!

Shay Stone said...

Hey Tammy:)
I came over to check you out after mention on Swati's blog and I've got to tell you how much I love your work! It's so organic, raw and beautiful. Very nice!!

KT Vestitures said...

Now that is what i call a CUPPA! My kind of cuppa too! LOL
I think it is a bright and very cheerful looking cup, i would be saying "Bugger the plant! I will make a coffee in that!"
LOL (But, then... i am addicted to Caffeine!)

It would make an awesome planter... have you decided on what plant to put in it Tammy?

thanks for the lovely comment too on my copper and black onyx pendant :D

From Tracey

LaVon said...

Hi Tammy...I'm searching for a giant mug JUST LIKE THAT! Where on earth did you find it?

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

Hi LaVon! I found this giant cup at Fred's. I though it was too cute to pass up! :)

Tara Atchison said...

Where did you find this? I am searching for one online but most of them are sold out