Monday, April 13, 2009

The HUGE rock rings!

Well, here they are! These are not something I would have done on my own. It was a custom request from a customer.

Her son found the rocks on the beach in East Sandwich, MA, their favorite vacation spot. The biggest, pinkish one is hers and the green one is her daughters. They were special to her and she wanted them set in a sterling silver ring. So I did it!

The big one is not really practical for everyday wear, but it will make a great conversation starter!

I'm not that good at setting stones, so these were a special challenge for me. It was a little difficult but I figured it out! YAY!

I made the setting with a 20g backplate, and 24g bezel. I've always seen people say they used a hammer on a bezel setting, and I thought it was crazy! Why would you hammer a bezel?! Now I know! That's exactly what I did, and it worked great!

I also tried out my wooden vise that is part of my new workbench. It's perfect for holdng a ring while you set a stone. It doesn't mark the silver at all!

Well, my hubby will be home either tomorrow or Wednesday. Not sure which because of the time difference. Sometimes it doesn't seem like it's been a month since he left, and sometimes it seems longer! Staying busy all the time helps time pass though. I'm always in the shop working, so days kinda run together for me.

I did take yesterday off. I wasn't going to but after eating lunch at my Mom's and visiting with the family, I was too tired and full to do anything. So today I've been playing catch up!

I'm a little more used to my glasses, but they still bug me. It makes me tired to try and focus on what I'm doing, and I catch myself not focusing! The piece I'm working on will be blurry and out of focus, because it's a pain in the patooty to keep moving my head till I find the spot! Lined bifocals would probably have been better for work, and I may get them for that. I can wear these everywhere else. Oh well, live and learn, and get old and fall apart! LOL

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter!


Barrie said...

Hey!! AWESOME job on setting those huge stones!! They turned out fabulously! As for your no line bifocals, it takes up to a month to get used to them, don't you know?!?!? :) I've been resisting bifocals of any kind and have reading glasses for working, driving glasses for driving - anything else can be blurry for all I care !LOL

Shuku said...

Dear Tammy,

I found your blog via Swati at the Purple Flower, and I've had an absolutely -lovely- time looking through all the beautiful things you've made. Such an inspiration, especially those lovely spinner rings! I'll definitely be visiting a lot more!


Swati Nigam said...

Hey, I had written a comment here, but looks like cyberspace ate it up. LOL!

I was saying that you've done such a fabulous job with setting these stones that no one will believe you when you say you are not used to setting stones. Setting stones like these is soooo difficult. But you did it like a pro!

Ginga Squid said...

I LOVE those rings - something I would love to learn how to do. You did a fantastic job.

David Scott said...

you did a great job i would love tolearn how to do something like that great job

Snickering Corpses said...

You may want to look at something like Barried said, of having an extra set of glasses to just your close up prescription for doing close work, rather than an extra pair of bifocals.

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

You guys are all so sweet to me! :)

Hi Snickering Corpses! Thanks for dropping in! I have reading glasses for work but they were making my eyes terribly tired. I need glasses for seeiing too! I'm hoping I get used to these, but some people can't wear no-line bifocals, and I may be one of those people.

Candace said...

What a neat set of rings! You did them, love them! I never heard of using a hammer on a bezel...I'll have to look that up.

Sorry to hear your new glasses are still giving you problems. Hopefully that'll end real soon for you.

Shuku said...

Tammy, thanks for dropping by and for your kind words! I finally finished my first pair of hammered hoops - took way too long, I'm such a novice at this, but hopefully I'll improve as time goes by.

Now I have spinner rings on the brain. Sigh!


Stacie Florer said...

Great job, Tammy...I just finished a ring using wire prongs to set it with...I think I am going to go in that direction for rings..much easier!!!!

Stephanie said...

wow! Im always stunned when I visit your blog! you are SO TALENTED!!!!

Really beautiful - impossible to believe you are having trouble with your eyes!


Anonymous said...

wow Tammy! Those are beautifully set. Well done!

Chris said...

These rings are fun!! I love the fact that they are made from keepsake stones from wonderful times. You did a great job gal!

Janice said...

They look great! Good for you. :)

Stephani Gorman said...

Hi Tammie, They are really CooL! Hope you are having a nice spring day! Hugs, Stephani

gail said...

Whoa - these babies must have been really trying to set!!! I'm figuring you must've cut out the back?- they couldn't have been flat, could they? But they do Rock!! Great job!!!

I hope you get used to the no-lines, but it wouldn't be the first time someone doing close work couldn't use them while working. I had a friend that did quilting work and had to go with the lined ones -she really tried but gave herself neckstrain by bobbling her head around or trying to keep it in one place to stay focused. So good luck! I hope it's getting better and you adjust.

Looking forward to your next creations! :-)

diane said...

Tammy, These look beautiful. You did a great job my friend....
What a special gift for her and her daughter =)
Take care~