Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Etsy Find

I was browsing thru Pounce today (as usual:) and I found the most amazing wire artist!

Her shop is Slc Uniques
and she has different types of things for sale, but I was stunned by her copper wire insects.

I love bugs anyway (Yes, I'm weird!) so I had to share these with you. This is a few of them, but there are more. Check out her shop.

I finally got my glasses yesterday, and I HATE them! I can see really well far off, but finding the right up close spot is aggravating. I'm bobbing my head up and down like an idiot and I can't wear them at all when I'm on the computer. Why can't anything just be simple?!

I got the no line bifocals, and you can only see clearly looking staight ahead. To the side is blurry, and it's hard to find the spot for reading. But, I REFUSE to wear regular, lined bifocals. Damn it! I'm not that old yet! LOL

I got a call from the head of the local art society today. She found my Etsy shop and wants me to join them. It's a juried show where I can sell my jewelry locally every second weekend. I don't have to go to every show, just when I want. There's a $12 membership fee and booth space is free. I'm going to give it a shot, but now I have to really get busy! Or busier!

My youngest is being honored tonight by the school board for making it to State in the Literary Rally. He's not happy about it, but I am. He got an academic scholarship to Louisiana Tech, which is a wonderful college, and it's only about 3 hours from home! YAY! The scholarship is only for $14,500, which will be about a thousand dollars a semester, but every little bit helps. He can't get a grant because of our income, but he's in the TOPS program and they will pay about $2000 a semester, so that leaves us owingabout $8000 a semester. I have no idea how I'm going to pay it, but I will!

Well, that's about all of my news. I'm not a very exciting person! LOL


Ginga Squid said...

Wow - I'm off to look at her Etsy shop. I really like the stick insect.

Congrats Tammy! Its sounds then as if you are going to need to sell $8000 of jewellery pieces each semester at your local show - indeed you will be busy!!!

Melissa said...

Don't worry Tammy, you'll get used to the bifocals! It just takes a while :)

Congrats on the arts group...you deserve to be recognized!


Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

I don't think I make a profit of $8000 in a YEAR! His Dad will have to pay half, whether he thinks so or not! He owes me A LOT!

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

Thank you, Melissa! I hope I get used to these stupid glasses! :)

Swati Nigam said...

I am not at all fond of most insects. LOL! So I will not go see :-P. However, I must admit, her workmanship is amazing!!! And that's another reason I won't go to her shop, because her insects look realistic.

Congratulations for the art group!! What an honor!! I am so happy for you. Someone as amazing and generous and giving as you deserves this and much much more!

Yesterday I was wearing the earrings I bought from you. I love them! And I love the sound they make :-).

Stacie said...

LOL...I had the same thing happen to me about a year ago...you will get used to them...and then you will love them! Congrats on your smart kid and your new adventure with the art group!!!! Rock it girl!

Bonhomie Jewelry said...

Hey, Tammy!!! Long time, no see....my fault! I LOVE your new stuff!!! I wish I'd gotten the camera you have - I've got the Canon Powershot SD750 and I'm still editing to death just to get more bad pictures! Thank you so much for the info on making spinner rings.....it's my best seller now! Very happy to hear about your son's accomplishments - you must be so proud!! Question: where do you get your heavier gauge copper wire? All I can find is 14ga and I need something much heavier. Thank you!!!

diane said...

Tammy~How wonderful for all that scholarship money to come in! Every little bit helps~I know.
Your jewelry pieces are looking more and more beautiful! I have been so busy, trying to catch up. I feel like a dog chasing his tail~LOL =)
Take care~~

Snickering Corpses said...

For bifocals on computer, one thing my mom found useful was actually adjusting the position and angle of the monitor. On one desk we had to stack stuff under it to get it up higher so it met her lenses right, on another it was tilting it forward a good bit. You might try adjusting to see if it works at one point or another.

Stacie said...

Well then....I'm thinking that the call from the art society came at just the right time. Funny how that works out. You have so many pieces that would sell well in an art market like that. And think of the custom orders too......you'd better get those eyes sorted out- you're gonna be so busy! LOL. I'm having the same thing with my eyes ;-) It's the age.

BTW- without trying to sound overly corny.....your rock rings ROCK!!!! Very cool. And bold rings are so trendy now! I'm looking forward to seeing more.