Tuesday, March 31, 2009

1000 Markets

YAY! Amazon payments is finally working for me and I got a sale in my shop at 1000 Markets! http://www.1000markets.com/users/tammystreasures

I'm slowing adding more to my shop there and I'm changing my photos in both shops. It will take a while because most of my items are made to order, so I have to wait till I make new ones to take photos. If I have time, I'll make some things ahead. It's just hard to with rings.

Speaking of rings...since I made the diamond ring, I've been itching to set more stones, so I ordered some really pretty ones, and I'm going to make some rings! I think I'll do size 8 for most of them, because 7 & 8 are my most popular sizes, but I can't wear a 7, so I'm going with 8. That way, if they don't sell, I can keep them! LOL

Oh, anybody know what solder to use with rose gold? I ordered some, but I have no idea what solder will match best! Barrie!!!

Almost forgot... CUTE PET PICS!



Ginga Squid said...

Cool Tammy!
Your doggies are so cute!

Candace said...

I think that's a good idea, making the rings a size you can wear. I wouldn't worry about them not selling though....your stuff is always beautiful. :)

I signed up for 1000 markets, but after going through the Amazon payment stuff, I left it go...just seem like a hassle and I like being able to go through PayPal. Maybe I should look into it again.

Cute pups!!

Stephanie said...

congrats on the sale! Can't wait to see your new pieces too! :) You always have fabulous stuff :)

Barrie said...

OMG CUTE puppies!!!! You should be fine with regular gold solder. When you pickle it, it gets that reddish tone to it anyway, should be fine. But don't quote me on that! LOL Can't wait to see your new stones! :) Oh, and congrats on the sale!!

gail said...

Loved your diamond ring - I'm sure she was pleased beyond belief! Best of luck with 1000Markets - seems like it's getting more press lately so I hope you do well there.
Cute pups! You certainly keep busy!

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