Thursday, March 19, 2009

Camera Woes...

I want a new digital camera, but I can't decide what kind to get! It has to be simple to use, and take good photos, because I'm sick of mine. I'm looking at Canon Powershot and Fuji. I don't know!!!!

I made a new bracelet today and couldn't get any decent pics. I have to edit the crap out of everthing just so you can see the item.

This is it. It's 8g copper wire, hammered all around, but flattened on the ends. Wrapped in sterling wire. It's really pretty, but you can't tell from the pics!

Business is slow right now, but it's still there, so I usually have something to make everyday. In between orders, I've been trying to get some new things made. The pollen is so bad right now that it's hard to work. My head hurts, my eyes feel awful, and my nose is stuffy. All of our trucks are a yucky yellowish color. I wash it off everyday, and it comes right back! You can see it blowing around in the air and it piles up in drifts. UGH!

I hope you all are breathing nice, clean air where you are!


Candace said...

Hi Tammy! Sorry to hear about the pollen trouble. I hope you get relief from it soon....headaches suck!

I thought I tell you which camera I use. It's a Panasonic Lumix, model DMC-TZ1. This one is not sold in stores anymore, but you can still find it on Ebay and at a much better price I got it for. It has 10x zoom, great for close-ups! Just for an example, here is a photo I got of a metal stamp I'm selling in my captures detail must use the marcro setting for close-ups.

Most of the time I don't crop any of my photos. It's nice size camera, easy to use and I love that it has a larger lens on it, not one of them small telescope kinds.

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

Thanks so much, Candace! There are so many cameras to choose from and I know nothing about them.

Ginga Squid said...

Oh you poor thing - I really sympathise with fellow hayfever sufferers. We are just out of summer now in NZ so everything is ok again with my nose/eyes!

Maybe you need a trip overseas?!!!

Cameras - I don't know one from another. I have a small casio cheapo digital one and then try and make my photos look decent by fiddling around with them on photoshop!

Fashionably Adorned said...

Hi tammy,

I hear your camera woes.. my daughter broke mine yesterday... so I guess I will be in the market for a new camera also.. let me know what you decide since I also make jewelry.. won't you..

hope your head is clear and back to normal soon.. allergies suck!!!

Fashionably Adorned said...

btw.. wheres the music coming from..I didnt see a player on your blog??

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

Sherice, I have no idea where the music is coming from!

KT Vestitures said...

This is a really pretty bracelet! I really do love it!
I am waiting on my order of copper wire, i should get it in the mail tomorrow .... 3 Kilos of it ;D

Stacie said...

Panasonic Lumix...only way to go...I have the FX 150...bought it on Amazon for 300 investment ever...14 megapixels and a Leica lens...and it is very small!!!!