Friday, March 27, 2009

More Tornado Warnings

Enough is enough!

I'm terrified of tornados, and for the 3rd night in a row, we're under a tornado warning. It's pretty and sunshiney during the day, and then just before dark the thunder starts rumbling way off in the distance. It's much scarier at night, because then you can't see them coming. I hope we dodge the bullet one more time!

Not a lot going on today. I've been working on the diamond ring most of the day, and it's coming along, but I still don't like it! I guess it doesn't matter if I like it, as long as the customer does. I sure hope she does!

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KT Vestitures said...

G'Day Tammy!

Oh my goodness, i would be terrified of tornadoes too! (I don't get them where i am...thank goodness!) I hope that you keep very safe and out of harms way!

I am sure that your Diamond ring is beautiful! Your customer will definitely love it! I would love to see a picture of it when you are finished :D

Thank you very much also for your lovely comment on my copper bracelet, i had a lot of fun making it.

Please take care of yourself and have a beautiful day...

From Tracey