Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I'm a little bit Irish, so I get to celebrate! Actually I'm pretty much a mutt. I'm Native American, German, Irish, Dutch, and no telling what else! But that's what makes me, ME!

Well, I got hubby to the airport on time yesterday, and sent him off to Sinapore. He was very nervous, because he's never flown on a jet before, and was worried about changing planes, but there was a guy going to the other rig there, and he helped. I hope he likes working over there, but I know he won't like being gone for 28-30 days. He will like being home for that long though! He was home for over a month this time.

I worked pretty much everyday that he was home and it makes him mad that I can't just run the roads with him. Most people don't seem to understand that just because I work at home, doesn't mean I can take off whenever I feel like it! It is still a job, and orders have to be made and sent in a timely manner. I work more hours now than I ever did at an outside job! I almost never have a day off, and if I do, I feel like I should be using that time to make new things. Sometimes it feels like jewelry has taken over my life! :) It is always on my mind.

I did take Saturday off, but it was because I had to. I woke up sick at my stomach hen my neck, shoulder, and left arm started hurting, and hurt all day! I finally decided maybe it was a heart attack, because the pain kept getting worse and spreading! I still don't know what it was, and my neck still hurts a little, but I'm okay.

I did manage to make some new stuff!

This is an intertwined baby ring necklace that a customer asked me to make.

These are my favorite earrings EVER! They look so good on your ears. They have a gorgeous labradorite, a moonstone, and a mystic topaz stone and they can be worn in a lot of different combinations, so they are actually several pairs of earrings in one.

Last is my newest spinning ring in sterling silver with 4 goldfilled spinners. There's more, but I'll save them for next time.

I hope everyone is doing well and having fun, because fun is important! It is to me, anyway! :)


Melissa said...

Happy St. Patty's to you Tammy!

Gorgeous jewelry...I love the earrings, especially.

Hope you are feeling better, that sounds scary! Take care of yourself :)


Swati Nigam said...

Wow it must be tough to have your hubby travel so much?

I hope you are feeling better now. What had happened?

Your jewelry is awesome as always. I will need help one of these days with the google thing...when you have the time. I had tried doing it, and got confused. lol!

I still have to write about the blog award you gave me. Thank you so much ((((hugs)))). The only trouble is, I don't know 8 blogging people well enough to pass on the awards. LOL!

Happy St Patrick's Day to you!! Its cool to be a mutt, because then you get to celebrate a lot of things!

Janice said...

I'd be nervous too if I was going to SINapore.....lol ;-) Lovely jewels - keep an eye on that pain thing.

Stephanie said...

HI Tammy!

Love those earrings! YOu are right! They are versatile and stunning.

Hope you are back to 100% soon!


Barrie said...

Okay, stunning jewelry as always but hello??? You thought you were having a heart attack and didn't get checked out! You nut!!! Don't do that again! Sick is one thing, but heart attacks aren't to be fooled with!!! (that's my 'Mom' lecture for the day!!!). Hope your dh manages the flight okay. I can't even imagine a weekend without mine let alone 28 - 30 days!!! Have fun! :)

diane said...

Tammy, these new pieces are beautiful, and I love, love the earrings. Take care my friend =)

Fashionably Adorned said...

Hi Tammy,
Love the jewels... gosh I miss my hubby when he works in the next town... How do you do it when he is in a whole different country.. Im assuming he is in singapore??
don't let the pain thing ride.... women are often times not diagnosed or misdiagnosed for heartattacks!!
hope your enjoying your new camera!!