Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jewelry Of The Day

I'm on Jewelry Of The Day! YAY! I saw several artists that I recognize just from their work. I didn't know about the site until I saw it over at Chris' blog, so thank you, Chris. And thank you, Eric, for having such a great place for artists to show their work!

I still don't have anything new to show you, so here's a smiling cat that my youngest found on the net. We have a lot of cat pics, but no cat!

This is how I feel today! I hope you do too!!!~


stacie said...

I think your new website looks great...is there any way to get your pics a bit clearer? Other then that...it looks fantastic...great job on getting on Jewelry of the Day...I really like your new ring too!!!Have a great day,,,,and enjoy your new digs!

Chris said...

Hey! I'm so glad that you were on Jewelry of the Day! I'm so glad that you found out about it~~~your cool work belongs there!

It's so hot here I feel like a slow-moving slug....hee hee.

Have a blessed Friday!