Monday, August 25, 2008

I have a website!

It's still raining here, so instead of slogging back and forth to the workshop, I worked on my website.

I really need some brutal input on how it looks, so if you will, here's a link:
Be honest and tell me what needs changing or fixing or whatever. I promise you it won't hurt my feelings! I had no idea what I was doing, I just had to wing it!
Hopefully, it will help bring some sales my way. They are terribly slow right now, but it's back to school time, and I guess that's where a lot of money is going. Maybe it will pick up closer to Christmas. I can hope!

I have nothing to show you today. It's been cloudy or raining for days, so no photos. I need sunshine!!!!

I hope you all are having bright, sunshiny days!~


Chris said...

I like your website a lot! I had an easy time navigating through the different types of jewelry, and your pieces are and natural.

I hope this brings you some more business!

diane cook said...

Tammy, how wonderful. I LOVE it. Excellent job.

JoJoBell said...

It is perfect Tammy! You did a fabulous job, it looks very professional. Clean and it shows your jewerly well.

David Scott said...

great site you did a good job easy to get arround on