Friday, August 1, 2008

Abstract Art in Fused Silver

I keep every little scrap of silver, so I decided to try fusing.

I put some small pieces of wire, a flat jumpring, and some little triangles of silver on a little rectangle of 20g sterling. I sprinkled it all lightly with some filing dust ( yes, I keep that, too!), then fused it together with my torch.

It looked like a little piece of abstract art, and I really liked it, but what to do with it?!

Barrie Edwards (check out her blog, she's selling textured copper!) told me how to size for a soft square ring (Thanks Barrie) and my square mandrel from Metalliferous came in yesterday, so I made a square ring, which I LOVE, and added my little piece of art to that.

The soft square ring feels great on your finger. Your finger isn't really round, so why are rings?

I started to LOS it, then couldn't decide, so I left it shiny. I really like the way it all turned out!

Selling is slow right now, but I guess that should be expected, with gas and groceries so high. I did sell the pendulum earrings and the reworked Night and Day earrings, so I'm happy.

I hope you are all happy and healthy!

Have a great weekend~

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LaWatha said...

Hi- I love your jewelry. I actually found you quite by accident. I was googling, trying to find out how to cut a sheet of sterling silver so I can make my own bails, and google took me right to your shop. It may have been by accident, but I was happy to end up there. You have great style, and wonderful workmanship as well. I had to jump over and visit your Etsy shop, which is full of amazing things. I love that dragonfly moon pendant. I've hearted your shop, and I'm sure I will be back next time I need to buy a gift for someone, or for me! Keep up the beautiful work, it's obviously something you pour your heart and soul into.