Thursday, August 21, 2008

Enjoying the Workshop!

I really love my workshop! I go in there and shut the door, turn on the AC, and just enjoy making things in the peace and quiet! My sons both visit regularly, just to see what I'm doing, or to talk a little. I'm in and out all day, because I don't have water yet. I do all of my LOS and pickle in the house for now.

My hubby has gone back offshore, so I'll be working everyday for a while. I worked a little while he was home because I had some orders to do, but that's all I did.

Today I made these sterling silver bangle bracelets with slider beads. I got some textured copper from Barrie Edwards, and it is so cool! I used a small piece of the leaf textured copper for one of the beads, and I stamped sterling silver for the other. They each have 2 spinning rings on them.

I really like how they turned out! Making the beads was kinda fun.

Well, I think I'll go play a little Burnout Revenge (Playstation 2) and relax. I love Playstation, because I'm only 42 you know! LOL Hubby says I'm just a big kid, but I like it that way!

You all have fun, too. Whatever you're doing!~


diane cook said...

These are so nice Tammy. You are so creaative!

David Scott said...

those are great that is a great idea i love them that is somethinf my wife would love

Chris said...

These are sooo great! I love the slider beads! I love the bangles! Very cool pieces~~glad you like the new workshop. :-)

Barrie said...

WOW!! LOVE the slider beads - awesome bangles!!! Glad you like the copper - and love what you did with it! :)