Saturday, March 29, 2008

Big Iron Heart

Hello friends! I hope your Saturday was great. Mine was pretty good. I got another order for jewelry, and that's always nice.

This is a heart necklace that a girl bought on my Etsy. It is made of iron rebar wire and a glass glob, and is pretty big. She liked it so much, she now wants a bracelet and earrings to match. The bracelet I can do, not sure on the earrings. They would be really small, but I'll sure give it a shot!

I did finish a necklace I was working on, so I'll show it to you next time. It's a pretty simple copper disc necklace that matches a bracelet I made.

I hope you all have a blessed and wonderful Sunday!


Chris said...

Very pretty Tammy! And how fun to have the gal love it so much she wants matching things.

The photo is pretty too!

diane said...

Fantastic piece Chris. You are SO talented. Do you know that? Your pieces are beautiful.
God Bless and may you have a blessed week my friend.