Thursday, July 16, 2009

Weird Bug Of The Week

The Robber Fly (Asilidae)

It took some searching to find out what this one is! I finally found it!
This one was in my house one night last week. My son and I took pics then took it outside. It was a really weird looking bug!

Here's the info from Wikipedia:

Insects in the Diptera family Asilidae are commonly called robber flies. The family Asilidae contains about 7,100 described species worldwide. All robber flies have stout, spiny legs, a dense moustache of bristles on the face (mystax), and 3 simple eyes (ocelli) in a characteristic depression between their two large compound eyes. The mystax helps protect the head and face when the fly encounters prey bent on defense. The antennae are short, 3-segmented, sometimes with a bristle-like structure called an arista. The short, strong proboscis is used to stab and inject victims with saliva containing neurotoxic and proteolytic enzymes which paralyze and digest the insides; the fly then sucks the liquefied meal through the proboscis. Many species have long, tapering abdomens, sometimes with a sword-like ovipositor. Others are fat-bodied bumblebee mimics. Adult robber flies attack other flies, beetles, butterflies and moths, various bees, ants, dragon and damselflies, Ichneumon wasps, grasshoppers, and some spiders.

I don't like the fact that they kill butterflies and dragonflies, but the others I can live without!

Not a lot going on around here besides work, but that's a good thing! I'm just chillin' in the house right now, cause the shop is a sauna in the afternoons. If you have any extra rain, send it my way! :)


CarolynArtist said...

that is one wicked sounding fly! 3 eyes?

CarolynArtist said...

Congratulations Tammy! I saw the Etsy email with your goodie in it!!! :-)

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

Thanks Carolyn! I had several sales today, too! All from Texas....???

Kathy said...

Tammy--- I love your inspiring word jewelry. Would you be interested in sending us an entry on the therapeutic benefits of your craft have on you at We give love links back to our artist posts to help build your business.

Keep up the good work.
Kathy AT CraftForHealth DOT com

Willow Branch said...

That looks like some kind of messed up mosquito. He's skeery lookin'.


Swati said...

Oh you have a Facebook fan page!! Cooooooooooool!! Will go see it now!!!

Swati said...

Heyyy! I went and became a fan. And I have the honor of being the first fan!! :-)))

Stormy said...

That is one weird looking bug!
But very cool :)

Reading your've got me trying to snap pics of any bug that lands on my work table at nite, and I'm *not* a bug fan!
The only one that stayed on my table long enough to get a pic, was so tiny, she barely showed up in the pic!
Jamie said she looked like a baby grasshopper or praying mantis ~ I'm going to go look them up, lol.

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

Thanks Swati! I have to work on it some, but first I have to find some time! :)

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

Stormy, there are still a few bugs I'm scared of, but I think they are so interesting! It's like a whole other world, right at our feet, that we hardly ever notice. I used to have a paralyzing fear of spiders, but after studying them, I'm not so scared anymore. (As long as they don't get on me! LOL)

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

Hi Kathy!
Thank you so much!
I'll try to write an entry for you, but that is definitely not my forte'! LOL

Stacie said...

Whoa...that is so cool...I saw a Cicada the other night...had no idea they were so big after they crack their shell...I like the bug series...I see bugs all of the time and wonder about them!