Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Weird Bug Of The Week

I've decided to do a series on my blog! Wierd Bug Of The Week!

I know I've already had one this week, but we'll just pretend it was last week. :)

Okay, here's this weeks bug:

"Graphocephala coccinea
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Graphocephala coccinea is a meadow and woodland-dwelling species of brightly-colored leafhopper native to North and Central America, from Canada south to Panama.[1] Common names include candy-striped leafhopper, red-banded leafhopper, scarlet-and-green leafhopper and red-and-blue leafhopper.

G. coccinea is about 3⁄16 of an inch (5 mm) long and has vivid blue (or green) and red (or orange-red) stripes on its wings and the top of its thorax combined with bright yellow coloration on its head, legs, abdomen, and elsewhere.

Leafhoppers feed on plant sap with the aid of specialized mouthparts."

He's a tiny bug, and I didn't realize how colorful and neat he was until I got the closeup macro shot. The world is an amazing place if just look down sometimes!

This is the view into a birdhouse on my front porch! Inside that hole is a tiny little wren. I see it's mom bringing it bugs to eat all the time. Today he's got his little mouth open trying to cool off, because it's still over 100degrees out! Poor thing!

And this I have no idea what it is! I found it on the ground while I was looking down! It's hard, and kind of woody, and really wierd!

So look down and see what interesting and tiny things you find!


Willow Branch said...

Wow, I gotta start looking down too. You're photographs are incredible. I just came from Candace's blog & she's a great photographer too. I need to practice more with my little point & shoot camera. Gotta go check out your other bug.


susie said...

A metalsmith/entomologist - I love it. I'm on a mission now- must find a cool bug! Have a good one.

Anonymous said...

I was digging potatoes yesterday and dug up some sort of pulsating was so wicked! I am now blogging is at under Blog the new series on bugs...I love bugs too!

Ginga Squid said...

Cool photos Tammy!
Love that little fella - he kind of looks like one of those darty-around tropical fish.
I think you should set each bug of your series in resin (after photographing it) and go for a whole Weird Bug Necklace.
Of course that would mean killing them all though......

Anonymous said...

he's a cute lil booger, unlike the hideous and cruel tomato horn worm (shivers)

Stacie said...

Your bugs are much cooler than ours....ours are brown & they make me scream ;-) ((shudders))

But wow, you do take great pix of them!

novadesigns said...

I love cool looking bugs! I don't like those crazy huge slugs that eats everything in your garden though...