Thursday, September 18, 2008

Snowed Under...

Business has finally picked up again, and now I'm having a time keeping up! Not complaining though, I'm glad!

Things had gotten so slow, I was worried. I guess it really was back to school and such, that slowed it down.

Update on the oilrig: They think they found it about 800 ft from where it was, on the bottom of the ocean! It was in 300ft of water, and the waves must have snapped the legs. Chad has made himself sick worrying about his job. He's on a different rig this week, and the people are okay, but the crane is NOT! It caught on fire twice the first day they were out there, then it wouldn't stop booming down and they had to run it into the legs to keep it from falling off the platform. He's used to that new, fancy rig he was on. It was insured for $53 million dollars!!! No wonder oil is so expensive!

Well, I guess I better get to work. I have several things to make today, and this isn't getting it done!


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