Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More Dragonflies

These little dragonflies are so much FUN! And so addictive!

I made a couple of pendants to go with my ring. They are both sterling silver. The first one has a tiny red jasper cab in the corner, and man, that was a pain to do! My fingers felt like they were GIANT, and they were in the way, but I finally got it! The bail is one I saw in Art Jewelry Magazine, and I thought it would look good on this. I made the tiny leaf and soldered it to the 20g wire. The other end, that is on the back, is coiled in a circle and soldered on. It's not very big, because the dragonfly is little. It's 1 3/8"x3/4", including the bail.

The second one is a 1" circle. I made the bail on this one with 24g silver sheet that I cut and soldered into a tube.

I really like them both. I adore dragonflies and butterflies. I just got more this morning, so I'll be making more later.

Happy Hump Day!~


David Scott said...

love the dragonflies they look great i have had a few want me to make some necklaces in wood yours look great

diane cook said...

These are both beautiful Tammy! I love the leaf bail and the tube bail. I must try these =)

stacie said...

These are just fabulous!!!! I love them and I never even thought to use stampings..very cool!!