Friday, July 4, 2008

I can't stop!!

I'm still making earrings, and I can't seem to stop! It's something I didn't always make because I just never liked them. I have even started wearing them! LOL

These are made from copper washers that I got at Harbor Freight. I got a box full of different sizes and they are so cool! You don't have to cut them out and try to match them up. It's done for you! YAY!!! I just add my own texture, drill a hole or two, and make earrings!

The first pair is Black Gold Amazonite, and the second it Mahogany Obsidian. I have also developed a new love for beads. Great! Something else to spend money on! LOL I seem to use all my profit from jewelry making for more supplies for jewelry making. There's always something I want!

Speaking of...I just ordered a square ring mandrel and a ring clamp. It took me 3 days to find one cheap enough! I always hunt for the cheapest websites for my tools. I don't buy the expensive brand names, unless I find them cheap! LOL I got Lindstrom flush cutters for half price on Ebay, and I dearly love them. They would have been worth the full price. Anyway, I found this:. They have some design stamps, too, and they are super cheap, BUT they don't have pictures of what the stamps are! I'm waiting on a reply from them about how to see the designs. It's kind of hard to buy a stamp when you don't know what it is! If I find out how to see them, I'll let you all know.

Well, I've rambled on enough. You all enjoy the 4th!~


stacie said...

I can't wait to see the stamps!!!
You know, earrings are so fun to make, little works of art and you can do several in a day...I think that is why I love making them so much...great work!

Chris said...

yay Tammy! I love your earrings and I loved your "rambling". It's fun to hear how fellow jewelry nuts find their tools and supplies. I want to hear what happens about those stamps, friend!

Hope you had a great 4th!

Anonymous said...

Tammy - I love these...I have been looking for copper washers. I would also love a square mandrel. Cool!