Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Night and Day

Here's the sterling silver earrings I was talking about. I really like them. I was inspired by the work of Stacie Florer at Nomadic Creations. She makes gorgeous earrings! The discs are 3/4" wide, lightly domed, and they hang about 2". I textured one side of each with my riveting hammer and made a little"sun" on the other, so I call them Night and Day. They're kinda Yin/Yang-ish. The stones are sodalite, which I love. They are the color of old blue jeans, which I also love! That's all I wear!

I'm working on a new cuff bracelet that I thinks going be pretty good. It's another hardware store find! I do love the hardware store!~

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Stacie said...

Wow..that is a big complement to be able to inspire a design...they look wonderful too!