Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Heart Is Blue

Not really! It's just the name of this new necklace. It's just a smaller version of the Little Red Heart necklace, but this one is all 14g sterling silver. I love it! It's super shiny, and very pretty.

I had a pretty busy weekend. I had to make a copper cuff bracelet and matching ring and earrings for a customer. She also bought my first set stone necklace! I like busy weekends!

Good news on the starter situation, it was a wire and not the starter. The ignition wire that goes to the starter had touched the exhaust and melted the plastic, so it was shorting out. All it needed was a little tape! Saved my $42! YAY! Other good news of the day. I gave the puppy away! Actually, my oldest son did it, but he's gone to a new home. Joe's best friend's 5 year old nephew had a puppy and it died, so he gave him our stray. I'm so glad!

A bit of sad news though, kind of. The dog that I had spayed has disappeared. I should have known that it would happen as soon as I spent money on her. We can't find her, so we have no idea what happened. We have some bad neighbors that may have shot her, or she could have gotten run over, but I didn't see her anywhere. I guess I'll never know, but it's just that way sometimes.

I hope you all had a good weekend and have a great week~


diane said...

It is shiny isn't it? Beautiful and delicate. You do such great work Tammy.

Anonymous said...

This is so pretty, Tammy! I think I like this one better than the red!

Chris said...

Tammy, I'm sorry about the makes you worry and wonder...

I so love this heart. Exquisite!

JoJoBell said...

Tammy, this is so delicate looking!