Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer Colds...


I have a cold, and it has made me feel like crap! :( They are so much worse in the summer. The heat just seems to suck the life out of you. It has even made me a day late on a custom order, and I HATE that! I like to finish things when I say I'm going to. The customer was very understanding though, so it all worked out.

Here are the things I made for her, using her Sunstones. I LOVE Sunstone!

This pair of earrings are on my new "Almost Hoops" earwires. I really like them!
She also bought the Sunstone earrings from my previous post.

and a simple, but gorgeous, necklace,

This ring is made with a drilled bead, but you can't tell! The twisted wire is 2 strands of 18g sterling that I twisted in my new flexshaft. I LOVE that thing!!!

This is a rough Oregon Sunstone, and I really like it. I thought it would be a horror to set, but it was so easy!

and last but not least is a copper and sterling cuff bracelet that she wanted to match the Crocodile Tears earrings she bought from me earlier. I really love the design, and I'm going to add it to my shop. I love it when I challenged to come up with a new design!

I also have fallen madly in love with fine silver! It is so wonderful to work with, and it's really not that much more expensive. There's no firescale, and it cleans up gorgeously!


Melissa Meman said...

Yummy jewelry!

Sorry you have a yucky cold...hope you feel better.

Swati said...

Love the rough Oregon ring! Would love to make one like that and wear one like that too.

I have a question about spinner rings. So you know how I made that spinner with words stamped on the outside? I had an order for that recently. Silver stamped ring with a gold-filled spinner. The customer said that the spinning action is causing scratches. And she is afraid the words might get scratched. Do the spinner rings always cause scratches like this?

Shay Stone said...

Oh Tammy the work is just beautiful. I saw that sunstone chunk ring and wanted to come buy it no matter what it's size! Sadly.. it is not for me :( lol. Just stunning work! I too am a huge fan of sunstone.

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

Thanks you guys!
Swati, i just answered on your blog.
Shay, I think I'll ask her where she got that stone. I want more! LOL

Swati said...

Thank you Tammy! That really helps!! And I want that stone too!! Shay and I were chatting on Facebook, oggling and drooling over your work. You might find all your work and blog wet with the copious you might need to wipe it clean :-P.

Fashionably Adorned said...

Hey Tammy~ summer colds do suck!! I think also because when I'm sick I want to snuggle under the covers and have hot tea, and in the summer who wants to snuggle right?! I love the work on your blog.. so pretty and the almost hoops are awesome..I bought a dremel 400 xpr today, it had the flexshaft attachment with it.. one of my downfalls is I'm impulsive and I was at home depot and couldn't control myself.. I hope I will like it.. I think for starting out it will be good for me and then I can upgrade to a nice foredom when I can afford it and I have some experience under my belt.. I can always use the dremel around the house anyway.. I wore your ring today and it's so comfy I forgot I had it on a couple of times.. thank you again.. :)

Anonymous said...

Sunstone is outstanding. I have never twisted stilver on my flex shaft. I love the "almost hoops"

David Scott said...

omg love them my favorite is the bracelet love it you do such great work

Bonhomie Jewelry said...

Everything's beautiful, Tammy! I really like that cuff bracelet...I've got a few bracelet ideas I may get to one of these days! Feel better soon! At least you have summer heat - here it is mid-June and it feels (and looks like) April here in CT!

Barrie said...

Wowzers!! Awesome work!! LOVE the rough sunstone ring. Hope your cold doesn't last long. We've had a run of hot weather a couple of weeks ago - HATE it!!! Not as much as I hate snow, but enough to know that I still love rain! LOL Feel better soon! :)

Stephani Gorman said...

So cool Tammy! I love it! :) stephani