Friday, June 26, 2009

It's 1 AM...

and I just came in from the shop! I can stand to be out there after dark, cause it's a LOT cooler.

I had a couple of orders that had to be done today, so I can get them in the mail tomorrow. After I finished them, I made this ring.

And it wasn't fun! I had so many problems with it, and it's just a simple ring. Then when I put the stone in, the bezel was too deep. The stone wasn't cut really well, and it's not even on top, so that made it worse. I cut the bezel from 24g fine silver, after carefully measuring the stone! I guess I measured the fat side. Oh well, it's done and it's okay. Wonky, but okay.

Oh! I have a question: What the hell is the super sharp point on a burnisher for? I mean, other than scratching the crap out of whatever I'm trying so hard not to scratch! I managed not to scratch this one, but usually I dig a deep gouge in my almost finished work, and have to start all over with finishing! HATE that! I want a burnisher with a round end.

It's still hot and dry as a bone here. I so wish it would rain!


Candace said...

Well Tammy I think the ring came out lovely. I love all the detail work you have in the silver around it.

I don't know what the hell the super sharp point on a burnisher is for...I DO know it's good for slicing your fingers open when it slips while trying to set a stone...I've gotten lots of cuts doing that from it. If you find out...let me know.

Melissa said...

I love this ring! You just keep getting better and better :)

Barrie said...

Stunning ring, I really like it! You can grind the end of the burnisher if you want to. Make it unsharp. I never use a burnisher for setting (stretches the metal too much for my liking), but I do use a very thin burnisher with a super sharp point for unsetting stones (wiggle the point between the stone and the bezel then pry the bezel open without harming stone or bezel). Keep up the great work, btw. Looking fabulous! :)

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

Thanks y'all!
Barrie, i have ground it off a little, but it still needs more work. I only use it for smoothing the edges of the bezel after it's all smooshed down.

Willow Branch said...

Candace, I think that's exactly what the sharp point on a burnisher is for. I must have bought a really good burnisher because it cuts really, really well. It can also poke a little hole your thumb.

Love that ring & can't even tell it's not perfect. How did you do that little skirt around it? Love that stone too, it looks very flashy.


Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

Thanks Pam! I used a flathead screwdriver to make the sunburst pattern, after the bezel was soldered on.

bella-bijoujewellery said...

Tammy I love it! I think its awesome, and have no idea what your talking about with this "not perfect" talk! I had 2 labradorites just like that, and scratched the hell out of both of them with my burnisher! I even blogged about it I was soo mad! lol
Looks great- fantastic work!

Shuku said...

I think the ring looks lovely, Tammy, I can't even see any imperfections! Never used a burnisher myself - anything with sharp points tend to turn into things I hammer holes into metal with, in the absence of proper tools. (Bad, I know, but I can't afford the proper tools right now.)

Swati said...

Beautiful ring! And yes, the sharp tip of the burnisher is for making holes in the fingers, and for slicing them up really well. That's what I used to use mine for, then gave it up.

Stacie said...

Another gorgeous ring Tammy. Wish I could send some rain your way.

The burnisher is to scratch & poke things. It's designed to do all scratching & poking at the end of a piece, thus allowing one the pleasure of doing more finishing work. That allows you to enjoy the "journey" of a piece- so much more (since you now have more time to spend with it). I put tape on my fingers now because I poke myself every time. But then I poke myself with files too.
{I suppose I should grind it down}

CarolynArtist said...

The sharp end is for stabbing that stretchy space between the thumb and pointer finger on the other hand! I'm convinced! :P
The ring is gorgeous, I love that backgraound of the bezel!
I see a really really COOL spinner ring with words on it...oooo la la! Nice!!!
Man you are so lucky you can work without worry of noise at that time of night!!!

Stephani Gorman said...

I love your work Tammy. Your rings are so cool! Your studio space looks awesome! I Try to clean mine up too, but I can never get it completely done! :) Stephani

diane said...

I think this ia a beautiful ring Tammy. What kind of a stone is it? Girl, it is 107 degrees in my car in the afternoon when I get off the P&R bus. It is so hot and dry here~I am not lovin' it at all!!
Take care~