Monday, February 2, 2009

My First Hoops

Yesterday I made my first hoop earrings. Just simple, hammered, 20g sterling. I wire wrapped 2 gorgeous, faceted carnelian briolettes and slipped them on the hoops. I really like them and they're very comfortable to wear.
It must have been hoop day, because Swati made her first hoops, too! I told her that great minds think alike, but hers were so much better than mine! Just gorgeous!

The second pair are just simple long drops, made with brass bead caps, deep red quartz briolettes, and a faceted garnet on top.

The last pic is a necklace I made to match the earrings. They sold already but I will be making more! I love these flowers! I'm just waiting to get them in the mail!

I should be in the shop right now, but it's very cold and I just can't make myself go. I'll have to finish up a few rings in the morning. I also have to get the house clean tomorrow, cause Chad comes in from offshore on Wednesday, and I always try to have it clean at least that day! LOL


Swati Nigam said...

THERE are your lovely hoops! Actually, I disagree with you...I think your hoops turned out better than mine. I didn't like the shape of mine. Yours turned out really cool. And those upside down flowers are to die for!! They are GORGEOUS!!!

Lolley said...

Both you and Swati have made lovely hoops! Funnily I tried yesterday, but mine really weren't worth posting about! Must try HARDER!

Bonhomie Jewelry said...

I love those hoops! I made some sorta similar but with earwires. They're my favorite!

Isn't diversity great? I'm a bit of a mutt myself......add italian, scottish and russian to my son's mix and you've got me!

Chris said...

I love the hoops! But I'm so intrigued by the copper coming out of the upside down it balled with your torch? what kind of torch do you have? My wimpy torch can't ball up copper. Rats. You rock!!!

Cheryl Van Dyck said...

Love your hoops!! And Swati's too! But the flowers are my favorite, those are really beautiful, and I love what you do with them. I might have to buy a pair!! Like your little fish widget, too, cute!