Friday, February 13, 2009

Gold Spinner

I order some 12K gold-filled sheet from Monsterslayer. Silly me though it would be gold on both sides. With what it costs, it should have been, but no, it's red brass on the back.

Anyhoo, I made a spinning ring with it, cause I had everything but a gold one!

It's boring, and I don't like it! I'm not much of a gold kinda girl though. I love silver, and copper, especially together.

The gold is just so plain and blah.

Even though it's brass on the inside of the band, it looks like solid gold, just without the high price!

Oh well, not liking it won't keep me from trying to sell them. LOL

Here's the saying for the day:

Be Weird Whenever You Have The Chance


thebearaffair said...

Hi Tammy and thanks for your responses to my blog - thebearaffair - You can't imagine the firescale I had on this little jewel. I am so new that I didn't know to "tin" the copper. I just did it the old fashioned way and Oh Man What A Mess. I did get it cleaned up pretty well and it really shines so I am wearing it with pride - I learned a lot from this project and can't wait to create the next one. Thanks for looking and I appreciate all input. I am really frustrated right now with the photography aspect on getting the items online. I don't seem to be able to take good pictures so am researching every bit of info I can find to learn the tricks of the trade. Have a great day and thanks again for taking the time to respond. ps I love your picture of the cat - my sentiments exactly:>}

Swati Nigam said...

Mann!! Each time I see these mouth watering spinners you make with such ease and efficiency, I want to make them too. And then...I forget. LOL! Tell me, how do you solder the gold filled sheet? With gold solder, or silver? Your spinners look really really cool!!

And the cat is absolutely perfect! Thats how life should be,

Stephanie said...

Hi Tammy
Found your blog the other day and your things are absolutely beautiful. I love your Etsy shop too....and I love this ring. (I'm a gold person myself). I love making jewelry... and hope to move into metal someday. I just started stained glass 6 months ago or so... I try to tell myself one thing at a time...otherwise I would absolutely try to do everything at once ;)
Hope you had a good weekend.

ArcadianDreams said...

It's really well-made and I bet it will be snapped up, but I hear you; the idea of making plain hoop earrings makes me want to drink... even though I know they'd probably sell.

Good for you for pushing yourself to make sellable, even if not artistically satisfying, pieces... takes discipline and savvy :D