Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hot Rings and Parachute Pants

I thought that I was through with Christmas jewelry a few days ago. I was working on the last order I had, and then they started again! I'm still so busy I can barely keep up.

I was in the shop yesterday, working away, when my Mom called. It's a long story so here's the jist of it. I had to stop what I was doing and go run new cable for my son's satellite tv. He wasn't home, but if I didn't go do it, they wouldn't have TV when they got home, and I didn't want to here the bitchin'.

Now I'm aggravated and mad, because of the whole situation. I went back in the shop to try and finish what I was doing, soldering rings.

I don't even know how I did it, but I reached for the tweezers to pick up a red hot ring, and the ring fell off the soldering block onto my leg. I jumped up to knock it off, but I had on those flannel-lined wind pants that are made of parachute material. It burned through them INSTANTLY, and was now IN my pants leg! I danced around the shop, shaking my leg. Both pitbulls are running from me cause they think I've lost my mind. (The new pitbull is because my son got her, now doesn't want her) I finally get the ring to come out the bottom of my pants leg, but not before it burned the crap out of me. It left 2 half circle burns on my thigh, where it went in, then somehow, the next place it touched was the back of my knee. I have a perfect circle and a bunch of half circles there, too. OUCH!!! It really hurt for quite a while.

So, the moral of the story is-don't solder when you're pissed off and don't wear parachute pants in the workshop!

I hope your day was better!


Stacie said...

Yikes!!! I have dropped ear wires that I am balling up the ends, but never on me...I am so sorry!!!

Cheryl Van Dyck said...

Ooh, Tammy! Glad it wasn't any worse! I've been going to ask you how you were holding up during your first holiday rush - I know I'm barely hanging in there, myself! I got behind just after Thanksgiving and have been playing catch-up ever since! (I do love it, though - I just wish I didn't need sleep, lol!)

Chris said...

Oh poor Tammy!!! Burns hurt so doggone bad!!! Ow! It hurts my leg to think of you!

Poor gal. Rats. And double rats. I pray those nasty burns heal up fast. You didn't deserve that, that's for certain.
Love you!

JoJoBell said...

It is so good to hear your busy! BUT not good to hear about your leg! I have had days like that thank goodness all my jewelry is cold conections!

Deer Mountain Creations said...

Ew!! That sounds so painful!! You know when things are going well because you always have a boo boo to show for it!lol
I hope you're leg doesn't scar, but I guess we all have to pay a price for our art,eh?! Feel better sweetie!