Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Porch...

Here's my new porch. Well, not MY porch, more like Red's porch! LOL He's my shopmate, that now lives in my shop. The stepladder is to keep the door almost closed at night, so he can come and go as he pleases. I don't worry about anybody going in and stealing my tools, because who would? There's a pitbull in there that doesn't let strangers come around at night. A robber would get a nasty surprise in my shop! :)

Red is 8 years old, and he was stolen once. I think my husband's cousin took him, and sold him, because a stranger couldn't have taken him. He was gone for about a year. One day Chad (hubby) was driving out of town and saw him at an old barn. I guess he was on his way home, and had almost made it. Now he's terrified of gunfire, which we hear a lot, living in the woods. He gets under my workbench, against my legs, and trembles when he hears it. He's also scared of buzzing insects! LOL I guess he's been stung before.

Here he is enjoying the morning sun on his brand new front porch! See him peeking around the post at me? He's waiting for his morning treats, so I guess I better go get them for him.

Have a great Hump Day!~


David Scott said...

love it i just have a one car garage it insulated but no heater yet

Barrie said...

Awww!! I love your shop dog! :) He's a handsome guy! No, I wouldn't worry about theft either!! He looks like a big boy! :)

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

He is a big dog. He killed a cow once! I guess he thought it was a big dog, and he made sure it didn't get him.
He's a really sweet dog though, and doesn't fight other dogs unless they try to fight him. My granddaughter hugs and loves on him and he just kisses her in the face!
I trust him with my tools and my life.

Chris said...

Aw big doggie! Yep, I really don't think you have to worry much about thieves with him around~~~
Love his porch!