Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Music to my ears

That seems to be my theme for this past week. Business has been almost nonexistent so I worked on a few new ideas.
I love the treble clef set. I thought it turned out really good, and would make a nice gift for a music teacher or music lover.
Then I decided to make a sterling silver guitar pick, because both of my sons play. I used a real pick as a pattern and cut this from 24g, so it can be used as a pick. Then I thought it needed something, so I stamped it, and hung it on a chain!
The leaves I love! Because I love leaves. I added a couple of my teeny spiders, just because. I don't love spiders, but these are cool, and they are therapy for an arachnaphobe! ME!
I'm working on a few custom orders, but it's too cold to work after dark. The little electric heater in my shop is not getting it. I have to find something bigger and hotter!
Hubby left a ittle while ago, headed back offshore. He made me get behind on some orders this weekend, because he decided my workshop needed a front porch! I then had to help build it, and fell behind. He doesn't think that matters, because he doesn't think what I make matters, but it does to me and to the people that give their hard earned money for it!
My good friend Diane at Rosa & Josie's told me she loves stars and wanted to trade me for the earrings. YAY! I love trading with friends! It so cool to be able to own something one of my cyber friends made! She's making me some beaded earrings, cause I don't do beads. I hope she loves the stars in person, too.
Well, I guess that's about it here. It's very cold at night and coolish during the day now, but that could change tomorrow. You never know in Louisiana what the weather will be like. They always say, "if you don't like the weather in LA, just wait a little while and it will change!" So true!


Chris said...

OOOo love the cool "musical" earrings!
Glad you're OK, I missed you.

I bet Diane LOVED her star earrings!

Hang in there gal~~

BINA said...

those treble clef earrings and pendant r so cool. u should think about making keychains too -- then guys would buy them -- or someone would buy them for a musical guy (like me for my son -- lol).

Barrie said...

OMG I LOVE THE LEAF EARRINGS!!! Oops, sorry, shouldn't yell!! I have a little pet spider that lives near my night table lamp (her name is Frncine) so between the spiders and the leaves, I'm in love!!!! Now about that man of yours - I have to disagree with you, honey. If he didn't think what you did mattered, why would he insist that you need a front porch on your studio? It's 'guy logic' - my dh has schooled me will in it. Most just don't think like women do - do you think he would spend hours of his precious time on shore building a front porch if he wasn't behind you 100%??? I'll bet it was his way of showing you that he loves you. Kinda sweet in a pain in the a** kind of way! LOL

David Scott said...

love them they look gerat i had a request for some leaf earrings those are great

Pegasus Handmade Soaps said...

Love those earrings. I know how you feel about business being almost non existent. But we must hang in there. I am Great job!

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

Thanks you guys! I love those leaf earrings, too. They're really pretty in person.
Barrie, he built the porch for himself! He says he's putting a chair and a firepit on it, and it's to keep the rain out, cause I have to leave the door propped open a little all the time. My shop has become a really nice doghouse for our pitbull! I leave the heater on all the time for him, too. :) He has the best doghouse in the parish.

David Scott said...

where did you get your stamps from

Barrie said...

LOL Cynic!!!

Nikki said...

Wow Tammy!
These are all incredible.
Wow Wow wow.