Monday, January 5, 2009

More new things

I managed to make a few new items.
This first one is a pair or marquise cut mystic blue topaz earrings.

These are my shabby chic dragonfly earrings, that I made using some little textured silver discs that I bought from Barrie.

And this is a copper and sterling spinning bangle bracelet to go with my spinning rings.

and one really old thing! My truck is 20 years old this year, making it an antique. It still has the original motor with over 279,000 miles on it. It still runs like a scalded dog, and I love it!


Swati Nigam said...

I love them all! Especially the first pair of earrings...the mystic topaz. Your wrapping is so LOVELY!

Chris said...

oooo love the pieces but ESPECIALLY the mystic topaz earrings. The wire wrapping really rocks, as does the way you antiqued them.

Very cool truck!

Bonhomie Jewelry said...

Beautiful! And I like the truck, too ;-)

Stacie said...

LOl...I like the truck and the new stuff!!!

diane cook said...

Your earrings are beautiful Tammy! I have been busy, so am so glad I stopped are a busy bee!
Hugs, and Happy New Year my friend =)